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Town of Stolac

Edited: November 05., 2001.

Stolac is 40 minutes by air from Rome, but completely destroyed during the recent war in Bosnia. A lot of Bosnians were brutally killed; died from the consequences of bestial tortures; evicted from their homes; starved and terrorized. Parts of the city filled with civilians were indiscriminately shelled; ancient cultural monuments were destroyed. A very small number of the criminals has been punished. Nobody has apologized to Bosnians, yet.

Stolac was a magnificent small town, built along a rushing river beneath rugged hills with a lot of ancient tombstones made by Illyrians, first habitants of Balkan. First traces of civilization in that area are about 14,000 years old neolithic drawings in Badanj cave.

Stolac Home Page tries to find the reasons for so big brutality and to show all the distress and misery of its perpetrators. Each text in this web, is used from other great sites,  without permission of authors. We apologize and thank to all of them in the name of people of Stolac; specially to professor Michael A Sell and Vanja Filipović