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UzinoviciAbout Bosnia


Karadzic-Boban agreement

v.gif (500 bytes)ery small number of Bosnians know about meeting between Boban and Karadzic (Austria-Graz, May 1992). That meeting was set up for the final adjustments about dividing Bosnia between Croatia and Serbia and killing the most of the people who resist to that plan.
Bosnian Serb nationalist Radovan Karadzic and Bosnian Croat nationalist Mate Boban - met and agreed to cooperate with one another in destroying the Bosnian Muslim community. Subsequent events suggest that Boban gave to Serbians a green light to kill or expel all Croats and Muslims in "RepublikaSrpska". Karadzic allowed Boban to kill or expel all Serbs and Muslims in funny banana republic "HerzegBosna".

Two months later, in July 1992, an expedition of the Croatian Defense Union (HVO) set out from the town of Medjugorje (by the way, Medjugorje is small village protected by Virgin Mary). The force was allegedly accompanied by Dr. Vlado Palameta, an art historian from Stolac, one of the inner circles of Boban. Bet he was enjoying the show? The HVO attacked the ancient Serbian monastery of Zitomislici, killing the monks, and systematically annihilated this ancient and priceless sacral site which did not have any military importance.

It is true Croats did it! But with the sign and agreement of Radovan Karadzic - president of all Bosnian TrueSerbs (any Serb who resists ethnic cleansing is not a true Serb).

Stari Grad

In the time of Karadzic-Boban agreement TrueSerbs from Stolac pulled out, from somewhere, real army uniforms and guns. TrueCroats pulled out uniforms too, and started to run away from TrueSerbs because somebody told them that Serbs are going to kill them all? TrueSerbs were very angry about that so they opened death camps for Muslims? Town was rounded up and terrorized for months. Every day they were arresting somebody for some reason and beating him asking some funny questions like:

ball_white.gif (858 bytes)  where the Ustashas are?
ball_white.gif (858 bytes)  where are you hiding your gun?
ball_white.gif (858 bytes)  why are you drinking so much coffee?
ball_white.gif (858 bytes)  and stuff...

Destroyed HOTEL "Bregava", StolacTrueSerbs took away from Stolac almost all vehicles, most of machines from factories, money stolen from people, TVs, stereos and umbrellas (?) ... Finally, Stolac was very tired of the TrueSerbs...
Few months later, suddenly, one Ustasha appeared in Stolac. He came through Chetniks lines to see his home? All TrueSerbs were so afraid of it that they decided to run away from Stolac and find new homes in nearby mountains. They were very angry because of pulling back so they started the destruction of Stolac? The best example is Hotel Bregava.

When TrueCroats came back to town they decided to make a big party there? First of all they started to convince Muslims that Muslims were very nice with TrueSerbs during the aggression of Stolac? They arrested all Serbs remained in Stolac to stop them sending military information to TrueSerbs? From time to time they made mistake and arrested some Muslim. Finally, they decided to burn down all Serbs houses to make Serbs never come back to town. From time to time they made mistake and burnt down some Muslim home. When Muslims got very tired of TrueCroats and TrueSerbs they decided to make their own army. Big TrueSerb Karadzic was very angry with TrueCroats so he sent a letter to Mate Boban:
"... told you to kill all Serbs and Muslims in HercegBosna not to have a party with them?"
After that, Mate Boban had to do it... By the August of 1993, Stolac was cleansed.

ball_white.gif (858 bytes) Even though all sides have committed atrocities:
ball_white.gif (858 bytes) TrueSerbs were shelling
ball_white.gif (858 bytes) TrueCroats were working hard on ethnic cleansing
ball_white.gif (858 bytes) Muslims were refusing to get killed? (Bad guys! ha?)


On 23 August 1993, all Muslims men were arrested and taken to the concentration camps. UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Andreas Riedlmayer, wrote down:
"...military trucks carrying Croatian soldiers came into the Stolac. Soldiers were having painted faces or they were wearing the masks and firing their weapons in the air. They went through the town terrorizing and rounding up all Muslim women, children and elderly. The cries and screams of children could be heard through out the town as the soldiers looted and destroyed Muslim homes. The soldiers, who were hiding their faces, took the civilians to Blagaj - heavy fighting area..."

STOLAC, Uzinovici - ethnic cleansing ruined most of the town

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2000, Community of Friends of Stolac


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