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A Street for Miro Baresic

Monument to Takeing a Piss?

w.gif (733 bytes)e know that he is 47 years old, that he was born in the village of Dubravice near Skradin and that he has recently returned with a wife and four children from Paraguay where he lived under a false name, Juan Mendensson. Immediately after his return to Croatia, he became a member of the Croatian Army and was given an apartment in Sibenik. Do we know who Andelko Brajkovic is to us: a hero or a terrorist scum?

Vladimir Rolovic a former Yugoslav ambassador to Sweden, cannot (anymore) testify for the latter thesis. Andelko Brajkovic, in cooperation with much better known Miro Baresic, shot him to death in 1971 in a spectacular assassination inside the Yugoslav embassy building in Stockholm.

According to the court, one of the three wounds on the ambassadors head occured after Brajkovic pushed a gun barrel into the ambassador's mouth and fired a shot into his brain.

In the trial documentation we can also find the following dialog between the accused and the prosecutor:

- When you tied the ambassador's mouth with a tie, did you soil yourself with blood?

No, only while I was tying him up.

- Did anyone tell you to tie the ambassador up?

No, nobody told me anything. I told him to lie still but he didn't want to do that. I suppose he didn't understand me. He moved around a bit, so I tied him up.

- How did you tie him up?

I took a nylon rope, tied both of his legs and an arm. I was covered with blood after that because he was bleeding all over. After that I went to the window, pissed on my bloody hands and wiped them with the curtains. I went back to the center of the room and tried to make a phone call. All this time, Miro was guarding the door. When I came back I fired another bullet...


The only material connection between Brajkovic's idyllic present and his bloody terrorist past (partly washed by pissing on the hands) is an Interpol warrant, issued in 1972 after his escape from a Swedish prison and later renewed in 1994; it is presently valid until the end of 1999! Everything else in his reality is the realization of a romantic dream about the free and independent Croatian state, for which he suffered in exile. Or, is this simply the way in which this reality is presented to us?
If I hadn't killed butcher Rolovic, I would have never had four children in a marriage with an indian woman. (?)

This is the title of an article in "the global weekly Nacional", in which a journalist, with the recognizable dose of stupidity in her approach, tried to describe "the Christmas atmosphere in the Brajkovic family home which was given to Andelko immediately after his return from Paraguay". We found out that Brajkovic was briefly detained upon his return to the country (last Spring) by the Croatian police because of the Interpol warrant; however, "the misunderstanding was quickly resolved"; furthermore, as Andelko says, "the misunderstanding was of an administrative character", although he cannot "for now, cross the Croatian border". Outside Croatia, there is INTERPOL.

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Miro Baresic, Brajkovic's accomplice in the assassination on Vladimir Rolovic, already has a street in Split.

His mysterious death (as well as the speculations that he is allegedly alive but is hiding "in the interest of the state") only helped the development of a knightly charisma. Recently, in Zadar a music festival was named after him and organized in his honor as well as a soccer tournament which took place immediately afterwards!

A few weeks ago Nedeljna Dalmacija published, in two installments, an interview with Ante Stojanov, who had also participated in the assassination on Rolovic; he was sentenced to four years in prison in a first trial and to seven years in prison in a second trial. We found out that Stojanov lives incognito "in a place at the south of Croatia," and "that the public cannot be given his address because of INTERPOL".


Croatian George WashingtonThe internationally recognized terrorists were, in the name of "the independent state", transformed into nationally recognized heroes, or at least the process leading to that goal has been started. However that sort of uncontrolled celebration of the cult of state is always an unpredictable journey into irrational. It could happen that Croatians have in the future more mythological problems with Brajkovic, Baresic and similar characters, then is usual. If the myth is built in the service of a state, does that mean that the revision of that myth implies a revision of the state? The revision of the myth will be unavoidable, since we already have national heroes and do not know what to do with the corpses left in their wake.

Taking into account the rich experience in the demolishing of the bronze and marble monumental heroes in this territories, we have learnt that the only deed more disgusting than the promotion of uncalled for heroes can be their forced demise.
Except when this comes out as a form of self criticism: Andelko Brajkovic admitted himself that he had pissed on his bloody hands.

One must ask the following question:

Who will make a Monument to it?

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Split, January 08, 1996

(text changed without permission of author)
2000, Community of Friends of Stolac


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