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Bosnia, Sarajevo in flameABOUT BOSNIA

Very Strange War

b.gif (411 bytes)osnia is really a group of enclaves that have yet to be put under one administration. It is a Muslim-dominated country with a very diverse group of residents: Bosnia-Herzegovinians, Bosnian Muslims, Bosnian Ortodox and Bosnian Chatolics and others. At the rate they all flee from somebody and it is hard to tell who is where anymore.

Before IFOR came in, the Serbs could have tipped the scales totally. The Bosnian army was ill-trained, poorly paid and inadequately supplied. The Bosnians began this war with beat-up tennis shoes and hunting rifles against Yugoslavian army. The Bosnian army in alliance with the Croatians, as well as NATO airstrikes, finally brought the Serbs to Dayton.

The Dayton peace plan, which went into effect in January 1996 has been a relative success. Various armies pulled back 2.5 miles from the 600-mile-long confrontation line, permitting NATO's Implementation Force (IFOR) to move between the warring factions. The Dayton accord required the Bosnian Serb army to leave the suburbs of Sarajevo.

Even though atrocities have been committed by all sides in the war. We can see that by the numbers of currently charged criminals in Hague. There are a bunch of Serbs overthere, a lot of Croatians and just a few of Bosnias. Serbs have the most of the blame.

War criminal Ratko MladicThere have been death camps run by the Serbs and Croats with savagery and systematic barbarism. Radovan Karadzic's Serbs, under the military leadership of Ratko Mladic, strangled 300,000 residents of Sarajevo for 4 years. The Serbs, in 1992, began their ethnic cleansing campaign forcing hundreds of thousands of Muslims to flee out of the region. Thousands died. Satellite photos of large bulldozed patches of earth, where young Bosnian men were last seen, provide haunting evidence that something was very-very wrong in Bosnia. Survivors accuse Mladic of personally attending some of the genocide sessions, and it's a good bet he'll face war crimes charges if the current peace in Bosnia holds.

Sleep with the devil and devil will take you away !

War criminals go on with their daily business and everything look o.k, excepte bleached skeletons uncovered by heavy rains.

In Bosnia, by late-1996

  • about 210,000 people had been killed in this dirty little war
  • more than 200,000 wounded and
  • some 2.2 million made refugees
  • nearly 20 percent of Bosnia's homes have been destroyed
  • half of its schools
  • forty percent of the country's bridges have been demolished
  • a third of Bosnia's roads have been wiped out
  • ...

Big deal! Ha!

War criminal Biljana Plavsic War criminal Radovan Karadzic War criminal Slobodan Milosevic War criminal Zeljko Raznjatovic Arkan

War criminal Slobodan Milosevic

2000, Community of Friends of Stolac


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