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Town of Stolac is 40 minutes by air from Rome, but completely destroyed during the recent war in Bosnia. A lot of Bosnians were brutally killed; died from the consequences of bestial tortures; evicted from their homes; starved and terrorized. Parts of the city filled with civilians were indiscriminately shelled; ancient cultural monuments were destroyed. A very small number of the criminals has been punished. - Nobody has apologized to Bosnians, yet.

Nekropola Radimlja, StolacStolac was a magnificent small town, built along a rushing river beneath rugged hills with a lot of ancient tombstones made by  Illyrians, first habitants of Balkan. First traces of civilization in that area are about 14,000 years old Neolithic drawings   >>> in Badanj cave.

Stolac Home Page tries to find the reasons for so big brutality and to show all the distress and misery of its perpetrators. Each text in this web, is used from other great sites,  without permission of authors. We apologize and thank to all of them in the name of people of Stolac;
specially to professor Michael A. Sell   >>> and Vanja Filipovic   >>>

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English Language Bosanski Muhabet

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What was going on in Bosnia

Bosnia is really a group of enclaves that have yet to be put under one administration. It is a Muslim-dominated country with a very diverse group of residents: Bosnia-Herzegovinians, Bosnian Muslims, Bosnian Orthodox and Bosnian Chatolics and others. At the rate they all flee from somebody and it is hard to tell who is where anymore.

Before IFOR came in, the Serbs could have tipped the scales totally. The Bosnian army was ill-trained, poorly paid and inadequately supplied. The Bosnians began their war with beat-up tennis shoes and hunting rifles against Yugoslavian army. NATO airstrikes, finally brought the Serbs to Dayton.

In the summer of 1990, it was clear that communism's day was drawing to a close. Bad guys were collecting and founding a parties. They were changing their political colors very quickly, from red to black, blue or green. Some of national heroes suddenly had become a "traitors to the people". There were a bunch of political liquidations and turning againsts. Bad guys were taking over. They were most vociferous in the attacks. They were authors of some of the most appallingly racist and chauvinist statements about Islam and Muslims. They made a para-states with implemented policy of apartheid and "ethnic cleansing". Bad guys were collaborating and mobilizing full forces for the struggle against Bosnians. Motto was made: "We are bound to each other by brotherhood in Christ but nothing at all binds us to the Muslims" !!!

After the Americans made it crystal clear of no making peace with Nazi para-states; - with a few tears, Bad guys admitted to feeling betrayed and abandoned.

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Of all the horrors which this war has produced the tragedy of Stolac and Hertzegovina will always occupy a special place. In Hertzegovina Croats nation stands on trial. Mostar's and Stolac's fate in this war is unique for Croats because crimes were committed by Croats and in the name of Croats.

In this case, even for one who did not participate, it is not enough to recall the principle of individual guilt. Everybody must denounce the crimes and their perpetrators. The individualization of responsibility allows criminals to be punished and saves their nations from moral degradation. Those who are unwilling to denounce such crimes do not merely indict themselves morally, they present their own nation as a criminal one.

The basic problem is that some people cannot reconcile with themselves, that they stubbornly believes they can change their life by fixing up their biography. All of that, wouldn't be worth of attention if they could keep that problem to themselves and thereby allow it to assume realistic proportions. Lies were not a simple propaganda trick. Their lying was unfortunately pathological. Pathological liar can only feel healthy if he can impose his personal lie as historical truth. But, when he imposes the inability to reconcile the inconsistencies in his biography on all of us and tries to turn his personal problem into a platform for the reconciliation of the nation, the sickness becomes universal.

The internationally recognized terrorists were, in the name of "the independent states", transformed into nationally recognized heroes. That transformation is always an unpredictable journey into irrational. If the myth is built in the service of a state, does that mean that the revision of that myth implies a revision of the state? The revision of the myth will be unavoidable, since we already have national heroes and do not know what to do with the corpses of killed people left in their wake.

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Certain historical and political circumstances, could have taught us that it is much easier to turn a man into a pig, than to turn a pig into a man.

Contents of numerous quasi-scientific discussions resulted in the rehabilitation of geopolitics as a science tells us that something obviously is missing in ExYu-science. Tales of the peoples of "the land and the sea", about the proud warriors from the mountains and "servile-mentality" of those who live in the flatlands and should be exterminated !!! About the barbarians who inject fresh blood into civilizations, about the better and worse nations, about the states with rights to territorial expansion at any cost, essentially boil down to racial theories and dangerous ideas about lower and higher races; the unavoidable consequence are the wars in which, in the name of science, nation and mystical revelations, horrendous crimes are committed, ethnic cleansing is justified, the destruction of certain nations, is implemented. The final goal is the formation of the pure Nazi and racist state.

What is truly outrageous is that the publishers of books of that kind were student's cultural centers, books were financed by the ministries for "education" in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia... Those books have became a required text for a number of subjects at the different universities and faculties for political science.

It is hard to call that science, since it is above all an elementary primitivism and affected naivete. Now we are so sure: when science turns into a myth, that is when the fascism appears.

We had a lot of that science saying that modern Nazi countries should today stop attacks on communism, taking into account that those forces have undergone a profound transformation, by nature,  present national-communists are more similar to the conservative revolutionaries from 'the German movement' then to the Bolsheviks.

We had a lot of that science saying that modern Nazi countries have greatest opponents in the New World Order, cosmopolitans, liberal civilizations, United States and The West. Great uprising is starting against these forces of evil like the New World Order and the most dangerous evil: the infiltration of Islam.

Turning a man into a pig science has penetrated many vital spheres of the society, political, military but also the cultural, scientific and spiritual life. These sick and dangerous ideas mirror the shapes of the turbulent future, full of many difficult trials in Hague and Geneva.

visited  since Djurdjevdan 1998

edited November 05, 2001
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